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XG5 DKN - review

The in-depth review of the XG5 by DKN: vertical uniform vibration training Plate for the domestic and personal use.

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[ in-depth review by Marvin Sasha - 16th November 2008 ]

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XG5 the 8G Force (max peak) Plate from the DKN Xseries - Introduction

XG5 test XG5 marvin sasha XG5 Dkn XG5 from above

[ NOTE: Please forgive my English. My mother language is Italian and I try my best to bring the Vibration Training in to the English Audience, so if you find weird sentences, please report.]


Astonishing. XG5 actually represents absolutely the best price/quality compromise for a vertical uniform vibration training Plate. Comparing to other Plates on the same reliability level with a 6 to 8 G Force vibration we can find professional Plates only with three times more expensive price. See Vibration Training Plates comparison.

Another great value aspect is the design: totally new. Shapes are in tune with the actual tendencies and it perfectly fits like a design complement in a domestic environment, not just a mere fitness Plate. You can keep it in your sitting or living room, close to the TV, and you'll make a very good impression, anyway.

XG5 DKN X series  

XG 5.0

price list
2995,00 USD

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360° view

Rotate the XG5 vibration training Plate by dragging the mouse over the image below. You will need the latest Flash plug-in to see the 360 degrees view.

See the 800x800. Click here for a larger version 800 x 800 of the 360° view.


Handle bar and control unit

XG5 control panelXG5 handlebarXG5 lower control unit

XG5 is part of the new X-Series project. Recalling previous models such the Pro Evolve and make comparisons could be out of place. The handlebar is the only element that recalls the formerly released Pro Evolve shape. Solid and ergonomic, comfortable. Control panel has a very large display and user friendly buttons. Selecting the programs or the time and frequency is very easy. The lower control unit is an important improvement with its repeat button.


The vibrating platform

XG5 vibrating platformXG5 thin vibrating platform

Totally revised and completely re-designed. 42 x 85 cm, 16,5 x 33,5 in. Height from ground 16,5 cm or 6,5 in, actually the closest to the ground. Pure carbon steel, rubber top. Floats on spring joints, a DKN typical solution. Maximum load is 150 Kg or 330 lbs.

Stepping up sinks a bit, however it is very stable. The stabilizer, or the so called overturning prevention wing, works fine when you lean back in the deep squat grabbing the handlebar bringing out all your weight.

XG5 Engine

XG5 Engine from belowXG5 engine

The XG5 engine is firmly fixed to the vibrating platform, in the lower middle of it. Continuous current powered, it provides a strong vibration. 4,2G unloaded at 50Hz, push up to 8.8G with 90kg 198lbs load. This behavior is due to the peculiar spring resonance.
The engine is very silent, not as the XG10 though. As always we won't talk about the power of the engine: Horses or Watts; because it is not a useful comparison factor. See the acceleration in the next paragraph below for the explanation.

XG5 Noise

Listen to the XG5 noise

The XG5 is a very silent vibration Training Plate. Listen to the XG5 noise to verify the minimum sound level it produces. Less the noise equals less the vibration transmission to the floor and neighborhoods.


XG5 acceleration and G force

G force or Acceleration is the measure unit of vibration intensity or vibration strength. Engine power means nothing. Engine power is not a valid parameter to define the vibration strength a Plate can produce. There is no uniformity within declared power and produced vibration because depends from too many factors. The weight of the eccentrics, the way the joints are made, are all strong misleading factors. Some Plates with 500W engines result in much more vibration intensity than others with declared power of 1200W.

We started to clear up this since 2006, when all the manufacturers were listing the engine power only. Now they are publishing the G force, also.

The vertical magnitude and its frequency is essentially what matters.

Acceleration is measured in m/s2 or in G force. 1G = 9,80665 m/s2

Z (vertical up down) light blue
X (horizontal back forth) yellow
Y (horizontal left right) magenta

Max Acceleration with 90kg 198 lbs load: 8,8 G o 89 m/s2 - Frequency: 50Hz

Max Acceleration with 90kg 198 lbs load XG5

The above is the measure of the maximum strength vibration at 50Hz, with a load (me) of 198 lbs or 90 kg. We use a very sensitive tri-axial professional accelerometer.

XG5 very sensitive tri-axial professional accelerometer

The table here below reports all the values measured with the accelerometer.

90kg 45kg 00kg
20Hz 1,5 1,3 0,8
25Hz 1,8 1,8 1,8
30Hz 2,4 2,2 1,3
35Hz 3,1 2,8 1,8
40Hz 3,5 3,2 2,2
45Hz 6,1 4,8 4,2
50Hz 8,8 8,2 4,4

Here below the G force chart at the whole frequency range of the XG5.

the G force chart at the whole frequency range of the XG5

If you take a look to the values you may think they are totally wrong. Or that our instruments are wrong or we invert the values. No, everything is verified and accurate.
The springs generate resonance and this resonance interfere with the vibration when the platform is unloaded, so the values may look as non sense at the very first look. With 45kg or 90kg load the results are quite the same, as you can see above.
We measured the max value that is reachable when you shift the weight on the feet tip, without lifting the heels, keeping them in contact with the platform. We simply found the posture that transfers more vibration to the legs and took the measure. Up to 90kg (198lbs) the Plate behave as in the chart above.

Essentially, the sensation is of a medium high vibration, and you begin to feel the induced by the machine muscle contraction. However if you practice Sport regurarly we suggest the XG10 or above, for who practice on a regular basis need more strong vibration to get better results.

EMG - muscular activity of the XG5

On the left in the graph the reaction of the muscle without vibration and on the right with vibration of the XG5
vibration off
vibration on

In the image the activity of the right leg muscles (quadriceps) measured with EMG electromiography. On the left in the graph the reaction of the muscle without vibration and on the right with vibration. I made a deep squat standing in a static position with the knee bent at 90°. First with no vibration, then with vibration. The muscle activity increase, as you may see is twice higher, with the same muscle fatigue and load.


Empiric measure of the XG5 vibrating platform magnitude or vertical excursion

The excursion measured with pencil and paper follows the same values of the accelerometers. Do not take this values as absolute!
XG5 magnitude

warningThis is the most unprecise measure, pencil and paper. It has a mere indicative value, not absolute. In fact if it is done by another person with another XG5 Plate it may differ. Before you can get good results you have to try many times. The point on the platform where we put the pencil was close to the belts holder. We did that with no load on the platform as for all the other Plates we test. With the body load these values increase in this case.


XG5 constructive details

XG5 The base seen from the bottom

The base seen from the bottom. It gives access to the main components: joints, engine and electric Plates. The whole base weight is of 52 kg or 114,5 lbs. There is a 8mm 0,3in thick neoprene surface below the base. The XG5 should be placed on a regular floor.

*** DO NOT DRAG FORCEFULLY THE XG5 ON THE FLOOR, rather lift it, unless you want to tear the neoprene.


XG5 connectors

The handlebar column is firmly fixed to the base by three screws. The connectors are quite easy to fasten and are very reliable to vibration.

XG5 electricity power plug

The XG5 electricity power plug. In the image you can see the European version. US has different voltage. The machine works both with US and EU voltage.

XG5 the overturning prevention support

The three screws of the overturning prevention support.

XG5 spring joints

Detail of the spring joints.

XG5 cables and connectors of the control unit

The cables and connectors of the control unit and handlebar fixing screws.


XG5 Accessories

XG5 Accessories XG5 dampening mattress belt handler

XG5 comes with Instruction Manual and Vibration Training manual. There is the Exercises Manual Vol.1, an excercise poster, an interactive DVD, belts, dampening mattress.

XG5 belt in handlerXG5 belt

XG5 pre-installed programs

XG5 programs XG5 position image

Five options for the main body muscle groups training: abdominals, whole body, upper body, lower body and manual settings. Every step of the scheduled exercises comes with an image to show you the posture, time and frequency to use. The programs are very useful for the very first month. After the initial accustomization you will begin to use the "manual" settings, following the plans on the Exercise Manual. So the figures and the programs will be left for a more advanced training.

I personally believe that the most important details on a Vibration Training Plate control unit are the Manual Settings. The XG5 manual controls are perfect, intuitive and easy and you don't bother with touch screen buttons. You have control on time, from 0 to 10 minutes with steps of 30 seconds, on frequency from 20 to 50 Hz with steps of 1 Hz. Start, stop, repeat. Very useful the lower unit, when you perform "ground" exercises.


XG5 Assembly instructions

Assembly instructions

Go through the step by step assembly sequence of the XG5. Time required for the first time assembly: 15 minutes. Assembly tools are all included except a screw driver for the control unit screws.


XG5 technical sheet


XG5 by DKN

price list USA/Canada : 2.995,00 USD

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worth for from fitness to sedentary
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G force MAX 8,8 G with 90kg 198lbs
test see acceleration
muscular activity see EMG
Noise listen
Total weight 64kg 141lbs
Max load 150kg 330lbs max
Manufacturing DKN Taiwan DKN USA
Warranty 2 years
Technology vertical uniform vibration
Frequency Hz 20-50 Hz
Step increase +-1Hz
Escursion mm 1,6mm 0,062in at 50Hz
Engines 1
Remote control No
Lower control yes
Dimensions 85 65 140 cm - 34 26 55 in
Class CE - EN957-1/2 - IEC 60601-1
Platform height 16 cm - 6,3 in
Platform dimensions 85 42 cm - 34 17 in
Accessories Instruction Manual and Vibration Training manual. Exercise Manual Vol.1, Exercise poster, interactive DVD, belts, dampening mattress.


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